By coming to the lessons, you agree to this policy.

The Lessons

38 weekly and one-to-one lessons are given from September through July.  This year the lessons start on the 5th of September 2016.    

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Please prioritise your lesson time.

Lesson Fees

£65 for 30, £98 for 45, and £130 for 60 minute lessons per month.

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Practise, Practise, Practise!

Please practise regularly.  It is not my responsibility when progress is stagnate due to lack of practice.  I reserve the right to dismiss a pupil who is disrespectful or not prepared for his/her lesson, and fee will not be refunded or the lesson will not be rescheduled.  

Preparations for the Lessons

Please come to the lessons prepared, which of course includes practising regularly, but it also means that I expect students to come to their lessons ready to learn; they are not tired, hungry or upset. 

Make-up Lessons

I will try to make up as many missed lessons as possible, however, please do not abuse this policy.  If you know that you cannot come to your scheduled lesson time, please let me know immediately.  As I try to be as reasonable and understanding as possible, I generally require 24 hour notice, and then the lesson may be rescheduled.  In case if the lesson is not made-up, there will be no compensations for the fees, and please understand if no make-up lessons are offered in case of forgetfulness.  

Extra Lessons

Extra lessons can be arranged if required in preparation for an event (exam, recital, other performances, etc.).  Normal hourly rate of £38/hr in addition to the monthly fee applies.   


Every year, a few recitals (pupils’ concerts) are offered in a year at local venues.  It is  free of charge for you to perform as well as inviting your friends and family.  All students are encouraged to participate, however, it is not a mandatory.

Performance Classes

In preparations for the exams, performance classes are given at no extra charge.  Only pupils attend to perform their exam pieces to help each other.  It is very effective in preparations, and highly encouraged to participate.  

Terminations of Enrolment

If you know, for any reason, you won’t be able to continue with your lessons, please let me know at  least 4 weeks in advance or as soon as possible when you know of the situation so that I can offer the slot to people on the waiting list.  

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