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Lesson Fees

The hourly rate is £40/hr (£20/30 min., £30/45 min.) however, payment should be made monthly on the first lesson of each month by cash, cheque or direct debit (recommended). 

There are 38 lessons offered in an academic year, and the fees are calculated as follows:

Direct Debit for 12 months

1 lesson cost x 38 / 12 months =

£63 for 30, £95 for 45, and £126 for 60 minute lessons per month.  

Cash or Cheque for 11 months

1 lesson cost x 38 / 11 months =

£69 for 30, £103 for 45, and £138 for 60 minutes lessons per month.

Because the monthly payments are made as instalments, the lesson fees remain the same throughout the year regardless of the number of lessons offered in a month.

If you start your lessons in the middle of the year, the fees are prorated, so you will not overpay. 

For adult pupils only, there is an option of weekly payments by cash or bank transfer.  (no cheques, please)

Trial lessons are available at the normal hourly rate as well.

For any more queries regarding lesson fees, please email me.